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“The Art of Time Control”

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Title:’’ The Art of Time Control.

Series: Perspective Of Madness

“Time is Irrelevant: The Past Was, The Future Is. The Present Is All That Matters... Live In The Now, Because Before And Later Is Unobtainable”


What is Time? Puzzled by this one question for years. Early on in my creative journey, when my work was unrefined and created entirely from natural talent, I started this painting 4 years ago but just couldn’t quite grasp the idea. Where mind-ventured skills could not flow.

I present, “The Art Of Time Control”. The creative process behind this piece is The Art of itself.

With minor modifications, the Idea was created and plastered onto canvas. Within the painting, you see a figure reach out and grasp time, this mirrors my actions as I reached back to reconstruct this painting. My past and present self combined. A gift from self to self. The then and now collide harmoniously. The NASA classic log represents an explorer’s mind, one who does not allow fear of restraints and pivots to venture past the unknown. The ballerina can be seen as a clear interpretation of a helping hand, whether from friends, family, or even strangers for that matter as the vision blossoms. Or perhaps, could be merely seen as a distraction. How do you see it? Notice the grace of the subject, as the left-hand grips the top of the canvas, pulling it out and looking away. No matter the vantage point, it is positioned as a staple in everyone's life.

But as The Lord said unto Abrams:

“I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse, and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”

As the sky kisses the earth, there’s a knee that holds the canvas in place. This is Elohim’s grace upon my journey and the blessings that follow.

The dots only align when you’re reflecting on your past.

Shown as a tiny self-portrait sitting on the mountain’s side, looking down on the chaos below. Balanced by Queen chest pieces as the mountain peak and a half skull of which serves as the mountain’s base.

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