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“The Art of Realism”

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

Title: The Art of Realism

Series: Perspective Of Madness

In a world where every decision, we make molds our lives. The Art of Realism depicts just that, how I perceive life development on an individual’s scale.

Through nurture, environment, and especially experience, we are born again.

The chessboard gives a r visual representation of how vital every move we make is, and the consequences that follow, whether for better or worse. Picture the chess pieces moving back and forth as the mind works out problems and solutions. Or one could even see it as the mind at war. In either case, the chaos below is balanced.

Rooted in the center of it all, we find peace through our values, principles, and roots.

The arm in the middle of the board represents our roots, which are embedded deeper than the mind.

And at times we need to remember our origin, hence the veins crawling up the arm in the manner that roots spread.

The eye, which contains my Signature Upside Down Clock, which forms the pupils , depicts our values changing over time, which is influenced by our experiences and circumstances.

Time has a way of gifting us clarity. And through clarity, we discover peace, which is painted in the form of a butterfly. As the hand melts away to protect what’s at hand, our principles are solidified. What we hold dear to our hearts is at the center of the canvas, depicted in the form of a Sacred Heart. God is the head, and we make up the body. This is the structure of life, more of a visionary mind illustrating The Book of Life.

(As the canvas peels back….?

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