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Untitled Emotions

Untitled Emotions

Started this Piece A Couple Years Ago.... This was the first piece that started this new series. 
At this point in life I was consumed with this question “ What made Yah decide to plant an Avocado in my mind. The night prior to my morning harvest, which then, I reaped the fruits of his labor.
Dreams After Dreams I painted with hopes of piecing it all together, one big puzzle...This piece spawns from the depths of my unfiltered mind. The statue represents Mawlo in the sense of My Art Will Live On.
As the figure looks onward toward the sky, there’s a mountain in the sky which holds truths for a better and brighter future. 
We merely have to reach for the sky with undoubted hearts. And just to elaborate more on our future endeavors, follow the statues’ shadow which becomes a hallway, which harbors my signature Upside Down clock. Expressing the past, lost time and wasted time. 
Follow the cracks which map out Florida then leads to a set of keys nailed in place. Notice no other figure is posed in such a manner, everything else appears to be looking in the direction of the viewer. Our dreams and aspirations are ours alone to burden. 
The little bird adjacent to the statue could be a close friend or someone you trust with no concern, hence birds of a feather flock together, responsible but not prescribed to watch your back. 
The women I’ve encountered have only been a distraction. Whether or not it was their intent. The fault is mine because I allowed myself to be distracted. Notice the angels look not with The Statue but against his sight. 
The Avocado is like a third eye or my inner conscious finally awoken. Aware and ready to protect my peace. 
The tree in the background gives a visual interpretation of: Our Root and where we come from, In a sense.
The outside world is boarded by Parking spaces which stands for my moms 5 kids, squeezed in there’s a No Parking Sign melting on a brush. Mainly a symbolic meaning to and from me, as a remembrance for my sister that passed away. This is the foundation of my creativity a glance into my mind. 
To understand the world is merely a chess tournament is to truly see the world

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