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The Art of Self

The Art of Self

Series: Perspective Of Madness. 

Acceptance… The Art of Self is painted in a manner that reflects the manifestation of my thoughts. The Depth of My ‘Mawlonian Ideology” is depicted within a 24” x 36” canvas. Fashioned and displayed as a painting of a painting, by an artist of his self. Yet the subject or painter with the canvas later realizes this is no longer merely thoughts or creative thinking but a staircase to elevation. Grasping the aspirations I had prior to starting this company. Now reflecting on the journey feels as surreal as this painting.

The privilege of connecting with the viewer on a deeper level than simply painting on canvas was the GOAL.

Therefore, I became fixated on Depth, as I express it on a canvas by painting a self-portrait. Painting a painting that spawns into reality, which is a painting within a painting on a canvas within a canvas. As the artist realizes his painting has transcended, fear kicks in. The fight or flight response is shown. This is portrayed in the image of distorted paints and pallets on the floor and the chairs turned over.

As The Visions are finally embedded and the realization of self manifests, the path is clear as is the past. At the center of it all, “The First Mawlonian” Shirt is presented in its violet colorway. To portray “Putting the Business on My Back” as a visual for the viewer.


Notice the angel in the background, holding an avocado close to her bosom, as if she is protecting or nurturing the object.  Shift your gaze behind this angelic being and you’ll see the clouds are parted in the shape of a distorted avocado. To the left, there’s a staircase that leads up to a clock with an open doorway. This symbolizes the road ahead, although one may contain confidence, dedication, and ambition.  The path is paved by and through Yah

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