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Mental Perspective

Mental Perspective

This piece of work was created in attempts to give the viewer a glimpse into my mind and a perspective of my thought process. 6 different styles of work which reflects their placements on canvas. Each portrait and its style is vital to understand this work on Art in its entirety. 
The more realistic the portrait the closer to my true nature as best represented. Nonetheless Tesla is the center piece.

Mental Perspective features the most influential icons that helped shaped my mind: 

Bob Marley 

Mahatma Gandhi

Martin Luther King

Nikola Tesla

Salvador Dali  

Nelson Mandela


Example: Gandhis' portrait is done in a realistic manner, done with the intent of expressing TRUTH to natural. Yet, Tesla sits dead in the center of canvas. Nikola Tesla draws you within the Art, as he did with me. His work was one of, if not the most influential to my journey, as was Dali.

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