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Avocado Dreaming

Avocado Dreaming

Years Ago... I began to wake up to random thoughts as if I dreamt them, yet I couldn't recall dreaming these dreams. 
Inspired by the vast colors not to mention profoundly unorthodox ideas and the message which they conveyed. Embed within the canvas on the surface of the painting meaningful and hidden clues. 
Borrow your eyes into the canvas and it reveals itself.
The table with all the Continents represents Flat Earth.
Clear as day there’s an Avocado and a Banana playing chess Dead center. Have you ever realize Bananas don’t have seeds(Manmade) articulating the idea of standards created and controlled by men. 
To elaborate on the idea more.
The floor is yet a another Chess board, the rat present anything of lower class and/ or poverty-stricken. While the rubix Cube referee to the exact opposite. 
And myself carving my name into the wall which transcends into the open sky. 
Hubris... Balance Your Journey And Humble Oneself -Mawlo

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